Hill Top Swimming Gala 2018

The Organizer :Hill Top Swimming Club Ltd.

Date :22nd May, 2018 (Tuesday;Public Holiday-The Birthday of the Buddha)

Time : 10:00 til 13:00

Venue :West Island School, 250 Victoria Road, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong (25M Indoor Swimming Pool, Entrance at Sandy Bay Road )

Application fee :Individual Event,HKD$120 each(Please complete the payment (in cash) with the application form)

Groups :Boys,Girls (Full age as on the competition day)

Group A(age 4 or under);Group B(age 5);Group C(age 6);Group D(age 7-8); Group E(age 9-10);Group F(age 11 or above)

Enrolment method: Please return the completed application form with application fee to Coach Amy

Deadline:7th May, 2018;Administration Fee would be charged for submission within 8th-14th May, 2018, HKD$30 for each event. Application would not be accepted after 14th May, 2018.

Last Update: 28th March, 2018