A large amount of money is needed to establish a swimming team. Our club receives membership fees, but they are symbolic. We hope team members will enjoy swimming and represent our club in achieving good results. As team members enjoy benefits from the club, we hope they would fulfill their duty and register as HKASA members, otherwise it would be difficult for us to continue in providing quality training resources.

Register Arrangement
Application forms are obtainable from our Club or download from the HKASA website . Completed application forms and supporting documents requested should be submitted to our coaches for processing the registration. The membership is on a yearly bases (starting 1st April and ending 31st March).


Training Athletes

Competition Athletes


$ 100
( including a HTS Swimming Cap and the Registeration fee of HKASA)
$ 300
( including a HTS Swimming Cap, Registeration fee of HKASA and Competition fee)



Copy of Student Card or Student handbook

** If you are a NEW Applicant: Please also attach an copy of the H.K. Certificate of Birth or H.K.I.D. card

** If you are a Transfer Applicant: Please pay an extra $200 for the Transfer Registeration fee (Download the Transfer Form)

Competition Arrangement (Applicable for the Events organized by the HKASA)

The Date and Time of Competition can be known from the HTS website (Competition Information) or download from the HKASA website.
1) Before 6 weeks of the competition, the Competition List will be uploaded. The list of athletes is decided according to the past competition results and the performance during training of the athletes.

2) If Swimmers would like to participate in the competition but not on th list, please approach to our coaches or email us. If swimmer fails to meet the qualifying time, he/she will be fined HKD$50 for each not qualified event.

3) Application will be closed 3 weeks before competition and notice will be sent to swimmers.

4) If swimmer has to be absent from the event, he/she must report to the coach at least one day before the competition. For the NO SHOW swimmer, he/she will be fined HKD$30 per event.

5) The result of competition can be accessed in our website or the HKASA website.

(1): Please pay cash for any payment

(2): Please attach the hard copy of photo, the size of passport photo would be recommended

Updated Competition list

2023-2024 Event Calendar of HKASA

COACH Contact:

Coach Leung:98623277

Coach Bon:97223634