~Words from our Executive Head Coach~

Hill Top Swimming Club was established over 20 years ago as an organization dedidcated to promote swimming sports as a healthy exercise for all. Records of our swimmers and dedication to the swimming industry is widely recognized.

Other than the usual training skills, our club has successfully introduced a “game-induced” technique for all kids to overcome the afraid of water, and master some basic swimming technique in a short period of time.

With our specialty in mastering children’s psychology, all children from our club get to learn swimming in a fun and enjoyable environment, and thus developing swimming skills unconsciously.

As everyone knows, a huge amount of resources is needed to develop a systematic elite swimming team. With the expenses of rental fee of pool, assistance swimming equipments and so on, it’s hard to make end meets, however, we just collect a small amount of membership fee from our elite swimmers. Despite all difficulties, our club has never give up in giving the best to our swimmers, and sucessfully referred some of our elite swimming team members to be part of the Hong Kong swimming team athletes.

In developing swimming sports in Hong Kong, our club has spent lots of manpower and resoruces to hold swimming competitions by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association every year, and to coperate in organizing various International water sports, including the World Swimming Tournament, International Cross Harbour Race, etc. And we have never stop seeking more resources and land from the government to develop swimming sports.

In the coming future, our team of coaches and staffs will continue to bring the best of ourselves to all our members and their parents, equip ourselves and serve with all our hearts for a better future.

Banlo Leung
Executive Head Coach
Hill Top Swimming Club